Saturday, August 5, 2017


I don't believe in Illuminati. 
Ignoratti are the real global terror. 
It's a conspiracy of the willful and woeful. 
Stupid rich white men doing stupid rich white men things.
Suckered out of money by con artist 
preying on by bloodsuckers who can sniff the hate.
Ignoratti never acknowledge the blindness of bigotry
marked them as easy targets.
They double down on hate, 
directing it to the cons and the con systems,
they have inoculated themselves from 
revelation or self-examination
through the means of a cash infusion. 

Ignoratti file lawsuits to protect the rights (aka money)
 of the stupid, hateful, and rich. 
KKK, Kremlin, and Koch. 
What a lovely group of cucks.

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